October 22, 2015

{ThredUP, Saving Money on Kids Clothes & Building a Wardrobe for FREE}

Buying clothes for 7 people, when 5 of them are growing like crazy, can get expensive!

That is why we buy used!​

I usually stalk the thrift stores and only buy what looks new at a great price.

So....that is why I shop at ThredUp. I can get incredible deals on gently used (look brand new) clothes for my youngins and not have to pay retail prices.

One of my recent orders was for my 3 year old, Emma. I saved over $300 on a "new" fall/winter wardrobe. I paid $100 and receive $40 credit just for sharing and convincing ​my friends to shop!!!!

Now that is a steal!!!

Take a look at what she got.....

6 everyday outfits, 3 church dresses, a furry shrug and a shirt for baby brother.

What did I buy with my $40 credit you ask?


All of the clothes are top brands.

We have been ordering since 2011 and I have NEVER
received anything that looks used. Always top notch, super clean and they come in cute boxes, wrapped in tissue paper!

It's like getting a present at your front door!

After I made this order I looked back at my email and found ANOTHER $25 in my ThredUP account!!!

And since my other two orders where $150+ before credits applied, I received UNLIMITED FREE SHIPPING til November 30th. YES!!!!

So, I shopped for my 11 year old. He needed a suit coat and dress shirt. He wanted a pair of cords too.

I ended up getting all three for $4.47.

Again....all high end brands. High quality for pennies!

Would you like $20 FREE to try it out?

SHOP HERE and let me know what you think!!!​
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June 29, 2015

{I'm Not Tired!}

My kids have all said the hilarious words, "I'm not tired!"

....and they ALLLLLL end up crashing moments after they utter those words.

They don't want to be tired, they don't want to take time to nap, they don't want to miss out on anything.....

and they start showing signs of exhaustion. They get cranky. They get mean. They get whiny!!!

Mama, are you tired?

Do you take time to rest and reset?

Don't forget to take a timeout or a nap here and there... not only for you, but for your family!

Don't feel guilty either.

Your job is SO important and SO big!!!

You can not work efficiently if your batteries are dead.

We need rest too.

Recharge Mama. You deserve it!

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April 3, 2015

{Earth Day 2015 & Get Clean}

With Earth Day coming up later this month, I was reflecting on some of the changes I've made in my home over the last few years, and how I might encourage others to make similar changes.  I realized it's been 3 years since a toxic, conventional, store-bought cleaner last entered our home, since we ditched the bleach and since we started using concentrated products that reduce waste.
Read on to see what I've been using, why I LOVE it and how you can take advantage of a great special!
So, are you making any changes for your family this year? 
One easy way to go green in your home is by switching brands!
You can replace your current household cleaners for natural, non-toxic ones that work!
I have been using Shaklee's Get Clean Line for over 4 years and LOVE it!
The products are totally cost-effectivenatural and they actually WORK!  
Here's a great example of how much money you can save:
Basic H compared to the blue stuff!
I use Basic H on my floors and I am always impressed! (These aren't my floors, but I love these before and after photos!)
Shaklee carries an amazing kitchen line that gets the job done even without pre-rinsing!!
The Scour Off can do wonders on your oven (and showers...and stove tops..and MORE)!!

You can remove water spots.
You can even clean your coffee pot and/or teapot!


Shaklee products can do just about anything!
 Hand rails get dirty....Basic H2 gets the clean! Here I sprayed them and took one swipe with a rag and look at that towel....Wesley loves helping mommy :)

 love that I can have my kids help since I know the products are safe!
For disinfecting, I only use Basic G!
 For disinfecting I only use Basic G.
Now is the time to throw out your toxic cleaning products and make the switch, if you've been holding off on doing that!

Here is what I am offering:  Buy a Get Clean Starter Kit between now and the end of April, and I'll send you a FREE Scour Off!  PLUS, right now, you can become a Shaklee member for FREE when you purchase the kit!  That saves you 15% right off the bat!

I truly believe EVERY home EVERYWHERE should have the Get Clean products under their sink.  They really are the best!
Make sure to add the Basic G {Germicide} and Basic G Bottle as well!  I mainly use those in the bathrooms.  I live with 3 boys. :)
Know someone getting married?  The kits make GREAT gifts!  
Now, if you've been eyeing Shaklee for a while and might be ready to do even more than be a consumer...I am looking for 3 people who are ready to earn extra income!  I've shared why I joined Shaklee previously, and it truly is one of the BEST decisions I've ever made.
Check out my friend Bonnie's video about why she joined Shaklee:
My friend Bonnie's shared why she joined Shaklee
Isn't she amazing?  I am so blessed to know and "work" with Bonnie!  If you'd like more info on partnering with me, I'd love to talk to you!
Happy Spring and Happy (almost) Earth Day!

Please reply back to this email if you have any questions!


If you are ready to get right to the BEST part about Shaklee and start your own business, I am also offering a rebate on these Gold Kits that will help you get started right away!  

I am offering a $25 rebate on the Gold PAK:


Or, a $50 rebate on the Gold Plus PAK (best value, and how I got started!):


I’m here to be of service to you. I look forward to working with you on your health goals!

To your health,
~Christi Sykes
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March 24, 2015

{Don't Toss that Cereal}

When I am busy and on the go I like to throw something in my bag that the kids and I can snack on. It is always something different, but most of the time looks something like this.... 

It is so easy to throw together into a container and run.
You can grab all the nearly empty boxes of cereal (you know the ones that have less than half a bowl of cereal left) and dump them into the container or bag. Toss in some raisins, cranberries, or any dry fruit you have on hand. Coconut, pecans, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, chocolate chips, granola.... YOU NAME IT....toss it in. Instant travel mix!

In my travel mix today I have GF cereals (one is vanilla flavor), pecans and raisins.....and let me tell you...IT IS GOOD!

So, Don't Toss that Cereal. Instead dump your remnants into a container and add some fruit and nuts and even a little chocolate for a great, fun snack for travels or munchies. 


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March 18, 2015

{Mama NEEDS Sleep & How to Help Baby Sleep}


The sight of a sleeping baby is priceless....but so is sleep!!!! Right Mama!?

Last December I did what I always do when my babies get to be old enough to sleep through the night without the "need" to nurse....(There is a point that baby wakes to get a snack not because he is hungry, but because... he wants a snack or he wants to make you a pacifier. Hear me!?) I "sleep trained" my lil guy!

It was fairly easy and he did great! We were able to lay him down while still awake and he would lay his sweet head down and go straight to sleep.....and he would sleep ALL night.

THEN...then the story changes. He wakes up 6 or 8 times EVERY night...I wouldn't pick him up, but the fact that he was waking up and crying a little was wearing me out!

I WAS EXHAUSTED!!! Know what I mean!?
I felt like I had not slept in months! You too!?

I read some other mama's testimonies about how they got their children to sleep and thought I'd give it a try....

I tried it all....one thing at a time, but it still wasn't working!

So, I decided to try several things together and here is what helped me and baby get the sleep we both need....

First of all...
For Mama:

Baby will benefit from the above if you are nursing.
For baby whether nursing or bottle feeding....

For Baby:

Here's what I do! For breastfeeding I take:
2 B Complex and 10 alfalfa tablets throughout the morning.

I drink 1 energizing protein shake to keep me charged through the busy day.

Before bed I take 5 more Alfalfa and 4 OsteoMatrix (I had terrible insomnia while pregnant and this stuff knocked it out!)

At bedtime every night I rub him down with Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion after a nice bath.
It is so good for baby to get a gentle massage with this organic, moisturizing, lovely lavender and chamomile goodness. :)

Then I crush 1 tablet of a CalMag Plus tablet and put it in a bottle that I make with Shaklee's
Meal Shake.

Once he has finished his bottle I lay him down and he goes straight to sleep.....and sleeps all night!!!

UPDATE: He has been sleeping 10-12 hours at night plus taking 2 good naps each day, when before he was cat napping and waking up every hour during the night.

This is what worked for me and I hope to help some mama who is in need of some serious Zzzzzzs!

Links attached above. Click on the links for more info.

Other products that are amazing for Stress and Sleep...

* I'm just a mom, not a healthcare professional. I am Shaklee Independent Distributor. The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. Please consult your healthcare provider. I share personal uses. Please check the Shaklee labels and get advice of a qualified healthcare professional.

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