September 27, 2010

{Camping Trip -Better Prepared This Time}

Yellowstone National Park

The very first National Park!
We went camping this past weekend! We camped just 14 miles outside of Yellowstone. It was a beautiful place! The things we saw there....I don't have words for! God is so good and His creation is so beautiful! I saw things I've never seen before. The colors in the boiling pools of water are so vibrant ,and yet, you can't see them, because my camera doesn't tell the truth! We also went to Mesa Falls and there was a beautiful rainbow in the falls....

 Mesa Falls

 Elijah, Chloe, Jesse, and supposed to be Chloe's BF, but Jesse stole her!

 Two of my favorite boys!

 Another favorite boy:)

 And another!


 The cutest {ever} little boy!

 Boiling Pool of water...smells like boiled eggs :)

 The greatest kids around....

 Pretty little tourist!

Boiling "Paint Pots "

 A lady asked if she could help by taking a family photo of nice!

Caution! Boiling Hot!

 Oh....give me a home.....where the buffalo roam!

 Old Faithful

 Wore Out

 Running through a field where we spotted a huge bull elk

 Daddy saying," LOOK's an elk!!!!!"

 Love this one!

 Great pose Mr. Elk!


We love you all and miss you! Thanks for visiting our blog!

~ Christi

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