November 4, 2010

 We've been busy to make our church property look nice! We rented a stump grinder and removed 6 stumps. This stump took about 4 hours to grind!

 We put in new flooring on the pulpit area. It is lookin' good. We will soon be painting.

Jesse loves Rambo
 Josh enjoys training the puppies.

 This is my Belle!
 She is doing very well training! She is so much smarter than Rambo :) It's a girl thing!!!
 She loves Josh
 They are at the back door begging to come in
 Making cupcakes!

 Eli didn't care for decorating them....
 Sock dolls that we made after Jesse finished reading Boxcar Children. They made one in the book and it was a project that we enjoyed!

 Boxcar Children also made Cherry Dumplings!
 My crazy, but fun family!
 Belle enjoying a nap with the boys.

The kids were so excited after we ground that stump!
Working hard !

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