September 9, 2014

{Stop, Drop and Roll!!}

I am a professional juggler......or so it seems! It feels so overwhelming at times to have so many things going at once. Most days I feel I have failed. Some days I feel like I am handling things well. Other days I feel I can conquer anything and everything and my life is perfect. But the truth is.....I am a mom. If everyday ran smoothly and all was perfect I would not be living a real life. Things happen, some of us in the house don't always feel the best, accidents are inevitable, fussing and fighting happen more than we would like, chaos before bedtime may immerge.....THAT'S LIFE! As a mom, how am I handling it?

How we handle life is more important than how life handles us.

How do you react when your kids disobey? What words do you use when the disappoint you? What message are you sending to your children by your actions, words, habits? Are you available to listen to them when the are sad? Do you take time to show interest in them? Are you constantly correcting them without first training them? Are we giving positive instruction or negative destruction? Are we criticizing or encouraging? So many questions to sit back and ask ourselves.
When situations arise... Stop, Drop and Roll!!

STOP Put a stop to whatever it may be by saying, "Hold it right there." DROP Drop whatever you are doing. Wipe your hands, put down the phone, lay down your book, push aside the basket of laundry. Turn and face the offender(s). Smile and say, "What can we do to make this better?" Listen to their answers. Give them some ideas on how to better handle the situation. ROLL Give them a hug, make them hug each other...and tell them, "Try again!" I used to fall off my bike when I was a little girl and my dad would always say, "Get up and try again." When I would fall, he wouldn't punish me and fuss at me for messing up. He would encourage me to try again until I could ride that bike on my own. When our children mess up, we should encourage them to try again until they are able to balance and pedal through the day with less "crashes".

Disciple and punishments have their place, but the punishment needs to match the offence. Bigger consequences for bigger offences. Do the little petty things really need punishments? Save the punishments for the more serious stuff :)

"Train UP a child in the way he should go...." (Proverbs)

Let's try this together! Stop, Drop and Roll mamas!!!

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  1. Thank you for this. We sometimes forget to listen properly when we are so caught up in life. I think it's so important to give our full attention to our kids when they need us. It might seem like a small problem to us but in their world its huge and if we show them respect from the start then we are raising respectful people!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes! It sends the message that they matter and mama cares :)


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