December 20, 2010

12 days of Christmas!!!

So the mailman, this morning, told me that he is going to park in front of our house from now on, because he ends up having to drive up everyday anyway!
Today we received a package from the "Sykes Gang"
( Joshua's brother and his family)
I have to say.....the tootsie roll banks are the greatest because it reminds me so much of Christmas when I was their age! I remember getting one every year from my Granny and I always knew which present it was...the way she would wrap it up and twist the ends of the paper :)

 They sat here for about an hour...reading and enjoying their tootsie rolls!

Presents from the Crisp Family

Presents from Aunt Angie, Uncle Johnny and Emily

 Pond Puppy! He named him Rock :)

My present! I Love IT !!!!!

Thanks Everyone!

more to come....Thank you Grandma Carter for the beutiful outfits for the coming soon:)

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