January 28, 2011

Future Artist

This afternoon, Jesse says to me,"Mommy, I'm going to make Buzz Lightyear out of legos today." I was thinking, "yeh right", because he has zero confidence and gives up very quickly and almost always cries for help! So I said, " that's great Jesse, I know you can do it."
This is what he created......not only Buzz, but the whole gang!


  1. Is Mr. Bruce Frye the same one who sings the song "The Captain of the Bus"? I never knew who sang it, and it sounds like the same voice. Just was wondering if you knew! =D Have a good night!

  2. Yes Kristen, we really like Bruce Frye. He sings at our home church in NC. I enjoy his music alot...it is very soothing! :)

  3. Hey Christi,
    John would like to get Bro. Josh's email address, and also I can't find the paper that I wrote your new phone numbers on. Could you please email them to me at bjlejeune@bellsouth.net if you get a chance. Thanks!


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