July 19, 2011

{New School Year Coming UP}
I love to see all the stores setting out Back to School supplies! I get so excited! I love teaching my children! That last statement doesn’t mean it is easy, but I enjoy seeing them learn. Each one of them is so different. They learn in their own little ways. We will be in 3rd, 2nd, and Kindergarten! :)
Jesse,7, is very logical! He is a perfectionist. His favorite subjects are Math and Science. He think spelling is fun. He’s sure to tell me his adventures in Literature. He gets discouraged if he can’t get it right the first time. I have to stand over him the entire time he is doing seat work. I have to remind him to “get to work, hurry up, come on Jesse it’s getting late!” He dislikes writing, journaling, drawing or coloring. But he thrives on building Legos and Knex.
Chloe,5, is……creative! She is NOT a perfectionist. She thinks she can do anything. She is independent and does her work quietly and quickly. I can explain something once and hand her a paper or book and she won’t say a word until she’s done. She loves to write letters to people, journal, and take notes in church. She is always tucked away somewhere with a book in hand.
Elijah,3, is just plum charming! He loves to do school and he is finally recognizing letters and numbers. He loves for us to read to him. He is very artistic, loves to draw and color. He colors very vivid pictures and he stays in the lines. He has a lot of patience like his Papaw. But he doesn’t tolerate brother and sister ignoring him or bullying him. :)
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