December 16, 2011

{Chloe’s Charm School}

Chloe has fallen in love with her Daddy! She is always thinking of ways to get his attention.
I had bought some window crayons a while back and let the kids decorate their window in their bedroom. Some how they ended up in my bathroom? So, I picked one up and wrote a note on the bathroom mirror….so much fun! The message was erased and replaced with a note to me! Chloe watched the notes change every day and she asked if she could start her own notes to Daddy. I wasn’t about to give up my mirror! So I gave her my window…..
She draws cute pictures and sweet messages to her Daddy…Kodak Dec2011 001
And he answers back….
Kodak Dec2011 005

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  1. We've always done this with soap. Lacy loves to do it still (she's 12 now) and it's a sweet surprise to see her notes!!!


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