March 20, 2012

{Emma's Birth}

She finally came 8 days past her due date...just like her big brother{elijah}! Joshua's parents and Grandma arrived on Tuesday evening, March 13th. At 3:30 am Wednesday, March 14th, contractions woke me up! I tried to sleep, but at 5am I finally got up, because I was too excited :) I went down stairs, made coffee, biscuits and gravy....contractions were 7-10 minutes apart and not intense enough for anyone to tell I was in labor. Contractions gradually became more intense throughout the morning, but were still 7-10 minutes apart. Joshua's mom kept up with the time for me. We just sat around waiting......
I called my midwife to let her now how far apart contractions were and that they weren't getting closer, just more intense. So, she told me to go ahead and come in. That was at 12:30pm. We loaded everyone up and as soon as I got in the car....BOOM! They were 5 minutes apart! Poor Elijah road in the car with Daddy and I and he asked Daddy, "What's wrong with Mommy?" As soon as the contraction let up, I let him know I was OK and Emma was going to be here soon. 8-10 contractions later we arrived at the birth center and, @ around 1:30pm, I had dilated 5 cm...they admitted me and I went to the birth room. Somewhere around 3 pm I got into the tub and she came at 4:39pm.

{Just Born}

 We had amazing midwives there for us throughout the pregnancy and for the arrival of our little Miss Emma Kathleen! Could not have asked for a better birth! Active labor only lasted 3 hours!
We were home @ 10:30pm and I went straight to bed.

The first night Emma woke up about 6 times to nurse.
The second and third night were rough! She screamed all night long!
The fourth and fifth night she only woke up twice! :)
She is a very happy baby and does very good during the day.
Hoping tonight is like the last two nights :D

{We are a family of 6!}

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  1. Awwww, what a great birth story!

  2. Three hours of active labor is wonderful! So happy that it went well for you. You have a beautiful family :o)

  3. Happy for you that your labor wasn't that bad. Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl.


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