September 22, 2008

Heritage Baptist Academy

We named our little school! I wasn't really satisfied with any school names I could come up with all year last year. I had alot of ideas, but nothing that meant much to me. So, I prayed about it often and finally while driving home from picking up the kids uniforms it hit me-Heritage! Yeah, that is beautiful, and it has such a deep meaning along with Baptist ( if you study Baptist History any you can appreciate it.) And so we are Heritage Baptist Academy and we are the Contenders!

Jesse started K4 this year and He loves it! He is reading single vowel words now and writing in cursive. It is hard to believe he is reading! Yesterday he was saying "Da-Da" and crawling to the back door saying "side". Jesse is most interested in learning sign language. He can sign about 50 words and the alphabet.

Chloe is doing great too. She is learning right along with Jesse. She knows her letters and some numbers. She does a good job with counting. She like to sign also. She tells everyone, "I'm going to be 'free' (3) on November 11". She is a real princess!

Elijah loves school, because he can pull all of the papers off the table and games off the wall. He gets excited ever morning when we go to the school room. He is growing fast. He can push his John Deere tractor around the house and walk behind it. He'll let go of it and stand by himself for about 30 seconds. I think he is going to walk early. Elijah has been such a blessing to our family. He is a very good baby, easy to take care of, independent, happy all of the time, sleeps great......
And he is very lovable!


  1. I read your new posts...Cute! I Love you bunches and miss you everyday!

  2. Hey Christie,
    I love your blog!!! I'm so proud of the godly mom you've become. I love the pictures of your family. They are beautiful! I didn't realize Chloe was born on Amber's birthday.
    God bless you all.
    Love ya,
    Miss Arlene


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