September 20, 2008

School is in and we are having a BLAST!!!

Ants -not in my pants!!!
Bugs! Yuck!
The little conducter.
mY HubBy!!!

We took a field trip to Museum of Life and Science and the kids loved it so much they are begging to go back. Of course Jesse's favorite park of the whole trip was the TRAIN. Chloe liked the butterfly garden. Elijah was fascinated by the musical park. I could just buy everything in the gift shop. And Josh was excited to see a place that sold FOOD.

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  1. Hey Christy! It's me Pat! I saw your blog mentioned and had to come and say a BIG and HAPPY HELLO to you! Your children are getting so big and they are beautiful! Miss you! Write me a note sometime!!
    God bless you!


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