May 7, 2012

{Emma-7 weeks}

Emma has been clingy as many of you know. I've had to wear a sling around the house to keep her happy, BUT!!!!! The past week she has been so content and she is napping better in her bassinet during the day. She doesn't fight sleep anymore. I always sing to her when I rock her and the past few days if I don't sing, she starts singing! Then when I start singing she gets quiet! It is so cute! I love it :D
Here is a picture of Chloe taking care of her little sister and
 she is so tickled that there is a kitty on Emma's bum!

And here is Emma sleeping peacefully in her bassinet
 (on her boppy) and hugging her blanket :) This morning she was in the bed with me and she had a tight hug on my arm!

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