May 4, 2012

{Shaklee Cleaning- Before and After}

Here are a few things I cleaned with the Shaklee Basic H. I bought some different color spray bottles and measured the Basic H according to the "job". The yellow here is my "De-greaser" and the blue my "window cleaner". I used green for "all purpose cleaner" and clear for my floors.
And I use my reusable "paper towel" and micro fiber cloths :)

The potatoes boiled over and made a mess and the top of the stove was very greasy! So I used the DE-GREASING FORMULA........

And AFTER.......

The shower has hard water stains as you can see.....

And AFTER.......

Light switch in the Bathroom....yuck! :D

And AFTER........

You might think..."my cleaner does just as good!" BUT this cleaner is safe for you and your family. It is unscented....It doesn't have a smell (that burns your nose) like other cleaners. But if you like a nice smell, add some essential oils like I did :)
Truly a great product and money saver!!!

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  1. How does it compare to homemade cleaner, better about the same?

  2. So far about the same, but I think it is even cheaper than homemade. I feel like I but vinegar and baking soda all the time. But with the Basic H, you have your bottle of concentrate ready all the time and it take just 1/8- 1 tsp per bottle of cleaner. So it last a long time. One bottle is $10.35 if your a member. I ordered 2 bottles to justify the shipping since there wasn't much difference between 1 bottle or 2.

  3. Hmmm. I'll have to check it out, especially if it is cheaper than homemade and less steps too.


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