September 17, 2012

{Heritage Baptist Academy 2012-13}


4th Grade Class…he’s the president of his class Winking smileEmma 5 months 031


3rd Grade Class…she’s at the top of her class Smile with tongue outEmma 5 months 033


1st Grade Class…he’s the class clownParty smile

Emma 8 weeks 010

bad meg 004


Preschool Class…Class PetBunny Everyone loves her!

They all want to hold her, touch her, feed her, love on her…

Emma 5 months 002

We are very excited about the new school year! This will make our 6th year Homeschooling. We are using the same curriculum this year that we’ve used the past few years. We like it a lot and it fits our family. We’ve been very satisfied so far with the entire collection of books that our children have had the opportunity to read.

Several people have recently asked about the curriculum we use. So, I’ll try to give you an idea of what we use….The company is called Veritas Press. It is a classical education curriculum that they have put together and I believe they have chosen an incredible assortment of books.

For Math, we use Saxon and I REALLY like it because it is very repetitive, which is good, because they children learn the material so well that they can do it in their sleep. AND (I’m so very excited this year because….) this year Jesse started the Saxon Teacher DVDs! Love them! They start at 5/4 (for those new to Saxon, 5/4 stands for 5th Grade/4th Advanced)

For Grammar we use Shurley English Grammar…and it too is repetitive. They use lots of Jingles to learn the rules of a sentence & parts of speech.

Literature is a wide range of classics and contemporary books. They have read Chronicles of Narnia, Little House, Encyclopedia Brown, Railroad Children, Boxcar Children, Pinocchio (a must read for the whole family), Milly Molly Mandy, Misty of Chincoteague, Stuart Little, Owls in the Family, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh,…..and a bunch more!

Linguistics (spelling) we use the Phonetic Zoo! Very fun! A unique way to learn the phonetic rules to spelling.

We are studying Latin through Classical Academic Press and it is amazing! We watch the lesson on DVD, review jingles and vocab on CD in the car or at home, and work through a workbook and Activity book through the week.

Science for now is Answers in Genesis, because the curriculum we use doesn’t provide science until 7th grade. But, with our oldest’s love for science, he goes through Science books on his own and he enjoys it so much that it is the first subject he chooses each morning.

Bible and History are put together so that we learn Bible events and Historical Events at the same time. This year is New Testament, Greece & Rome. “Learning history chronologically has proven invaluable in the lives of many children. By memorizing names, dates, places and events, children gain a valuable tool for understanding how God is working today and what He has done during many past events.”Very exciting!

Anyways….if you have any questions, feel free to ask away! Smile

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