September 17, 2012

{Fair Week}

The sound of cars creeping up and down the street, people passing by in a hurry, the smell of fried food, the cool air, listening to young and old scream their hearts out on that ride (‘til 11pm every night)! Yep! It’s Fair time and we are having a blast! We got rained out Saturday, but the weather held out that morning long enough for us to walk down to the parade and pass out tracts. We only parked about 8-10 cars and the rains came down! Monday we were able to park 42 cars! Tuesday….we didn’t park 1! Today we are hoping to do better :) Tomorrow we plan on filling up the yard and heading to the Fair ourselves. They have a shark over there that we are interested in seeing….and food that we have to eat! I hear crawfish calling my name.


Jesse helping to “catch” cars so he can earn enough money for the Fair…Emma 5 months 006

My girls just relaxing under one of the aspens while Mommy parks cars…Emma 5 months 008

Elijah keeping the sun off his sweet face…fairum

So here are some pics from our fair trip…

Carnival Rides!

Fair 2012 1

Fair 2012 2

Fair 2012 4


Josh and I laughed ‘til we cried when they were on this ride…Eli’s reaction the entire ride was hilarious!

Fair 2012 5

Fair 2012 6

Fair 2012 7


Bringing up the rear!

Fair 2012 8

Fair 2012 9

Fair 2012 11

Fair 2012 12


So, what do you think this ride does? and why is Mommy laughing?

Fair 2012 14

Fair 2012 15


Mommy, do you think they’ll survive this one?

Fair 2012 16

Fair 2012 17


Petting zoo…

Fair 2012 18

Fair 2012 19

Fair 2012 20

Fair 2012 21


Once more…

Fair 2012 22

Fair 2012 23


Jesse loved this ride…The ride didn’t make him puke , but that UNC Sweatshirt did!

Fair 2012 24


Army Truck

Fair 2012 25

Fair 2012 26

Fair 2012 27


Josh wasn’t excited about getting on this one

Fair 2012 29



She loves her “Apple Blueberry Pancakes”

Fair 2012 32Fair 2012 31Fair 2012 30


  1. Looks like you all are having a blast! Emma is getting so big. How many teeth does she have? She sure seems to enjoy those pancakes. Too cute.


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