September 4, 2012

{5 months}

My baby girl is growing so fast! She gets around pretty good. Her favorite place to scoot is under the coffee table :) She is loving her baby food and little snacks. Every time she sees someone’s glass she gets all excited and reaches with her mouth wide open. It’s the cutest thing! Oh, and she clicks her tongue! She thinks it’s funny!

This week I had to make a tough decision… and I bought a can of formula…..This baby got her first tooth 7 months earlier than her brothers and sister!!! Was not ready for that! So, needless to say…we are weaning and going to the bottle. She didn’t like it at first, but she okay with it now. Chloe is enjoying feeding her sister!
She’s now sleeping through the night again and I can lay her down for naps and bedtime and she quietly goes to sleep….which is a huge accomplishment for us! We’ve (Emma and I) battled this for a month and a half. She not only quit sleeping through the night, but she was waking about 5 times a night. And not to eat, but to hold my hand! She wanted to sleep holding my hand!!! So, I would stand next to the crib (with my eyes shut, half asleep) and hold her hand. She would lay so quiet until I let go. She screamed every time I left her room. With the other children, it only took 1 or 2 night of crying themselves to sleep to get the point. Emma was not getting the point! But, she finally came around and she is letting Mama get some rest :)
I’ve been blessed with 4 healthy, happy babies. I love each and everyone of them! Even though I do have 8 loads of laundry piled up on my couch to fold!

Isn’t she beautiful!?Emmabw
Funny girl…Emma 5 months snack
Snacks…Emma 5 months snack2
My sister gives the best baths…Emma 5 months bath

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