April 11, 2011

{Nifty Thrifty}

A little bit of spray paint, alot of charm!

I picked these up at the thrift store. It seems that my Grandma had some like this in her house years ago. The before picture actually looks really good compared to what it looks like in person. It's actually a buttery yellow color and looks very plastic. I want to find some kind of small, artifical plant to put in these and hang them up in my room. Maybe small white flowers, like baby's breath?

Any suggestion?

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  1. Much better. Something cascading might be pretty...you could even switch it up with the seasons (leaves cascading in the fall). Saw this arrangement...(sure you can make it much cheaper)http://www.silkflowers.com/hydrangea-wall-basket/fld605-na

  2. Very nice. I agree that something cascading would good. Maybe mix some flowers in with some greenery?

  3. Have you heard of 'string peas' or 'green pearl' plant? I am not sure if they make artificial ones, but I think they are cute.

  4. thanks girls! :) I'm so excited !!! EEEEEEEEEEEEk!


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