February 13, 2015

{Lesson Planning and Getting on Track for a Successful School Year}

Hi, I'm Christi and I am a list maker, goal setter
& scheduler by nature.....and that's good.
I will never be otherwise and that's not bad.

(in my Wreck It Ralph kinda voice)

This is our 7th year of home school! I can't believe that! My oldest is turning 11 this year and he will be starting the 6th grade this fall. He is becoming "middle schooler"?!?! What!?
In the 7 years we have journeyed, you would think that I would have figured it all out right!?
But I haven't...and that's okay.

I have recently found a system that helps our entire family and the kids love it!

I went ahead and planned out the rest of this year and all of next year. I took all of the kids workbooks and dated every lesson, page, test, quiz and activity based on out school calendar. The older 2 like to look ahead a few days and see what the week holds. Jesse has even peeked and found that the work load is a little heavy for the next day, so he will ask if he can get a jump start the night before.

On some of the pages I have even written rewards, reminders, and special countdowns for exciting trips, vacations/breaks/holidays or visiting grandparents arrivals!!! It gives them something to look forward to.

How exciting to find little messages in your school books!

On the cover of each subject I have written what date they should finish each book.

Last year we had a regular school schedule and a big summer break. IT WAS AWFUL!Summer break ruined my kids. We even had them doing Summer Bridge and reading 1 chapter a day from a book of their choice. For some reason they thought Summer Vacation meant- be lazy, no chores, no cleanliness, sleep in as long as you want.....

By the time school started back we had monsters on our hands! It took so long to get back into the swing of things. For 1 of our children we are still...in FEBUARY...getting adjusted.
We have always done year round school for several reasons:
1. "Being in the ministry you have to be flexible" is what I was always told.
2. Moving, having babies and adjusting to a different life has us always working plan B.
3. Our think always was that if you break too long they will forget some of what was taught and time would be wasted reviewing and catching back up.

Anyways, it has worked for us, but I still am not happy with always falling back on Plan B. I want a Plan A and I want to stick to it. For the sake of my sanity and the sake of my whole family.

So far so good on the school schedule and I feel like it is better for my kids. Children naturally love structure. They want to know what to expect and how special and exciting is it to know when you will have a day off or a 4 day weekend or a vacation instead of...."I guess we have to take the day off." or "Looks like no school for us next week."

1. Have a plan and stick to it.
2. Make it work. If you have an emergency, don't beat yourself up about taking the day off. Just move on and make up for it later.
3. Always take time to learn. School doesn't have to be at a desk :)

Plan B:
1. Work Plan A!

I am feeling very satisfied and free by this new school schedule and hope that it will make home school a happier, healthier experience for us all.

How do you plan your school year?

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