November 19, 2014

{10 Shaklee Products I am Thankful For in 2014}

So, let me start by saying I am so very thankful for all God's blessings in my life. He has been good to me and I have nothing to complain about. I have my little family of seven, five healthy children, a home, all provisions met, a job that I love, a husband to love, friends new and old, friends near and far, friends I've met and friends I have yet to meet and many pleasures of life that I can enjoy. Thank you Lord!!!

As the winter months approach and the weather gets colder, as moms, what is your #1 concern________________________?
For me, it is my family's immune systems!!! We all know that flu season/cold season can make us a little nervous about public places and our children playing with other children who have runny noses and coughs RIGHT!? School and daycare can be the breeding grounds for many viruses and sicknesses. The office might get germy and thick with coworkers coughing and sneezing...yuck. We don't want to be sick during Thanksgiving and Christmas....


#1 Vitalizer- The BEST Foundation

VitalizerTM is supplementation made simple. Our unique, clinically supported solution packs essential nutrition into a convenient, everyday, go-anywhere Vita-Strip®. Designed to enhance absorption, Vitalizer provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s, and healthy probiotics—all in one convenient Vitalizer Vita-Strip®.
We all have different needs—and there’s a custom Vitalizer formulation just for yours.

I have taken supplements before and even eat fairly healthy, but it wasn't until I started taking Shaklee vitamins that I realized they actually work!!! Imagine vitamins that work! You can feel the difference. I'm not just saying that. These made all the difference in my last pregnancy. My 4th pregnancy was very hard. Lots of pain, sickness, tired, and insomnia!!! Pregnancy #5....whole different story! Practically Perfect in every way. Had it not been for the enormous belly and 2 arms and legs....I would have not know I was pregnant. Thank you Shaklee :)

ORDER HERE Vitalized Immunity- a must have during winter!!!

Vitalized Immunity is naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, and contains as much vitamin-C as 16 oranges.

  • Helps support your immune system*
  • Delicious effervescent formula
  • Provides the nutritional   support your immune system
    needs to stay strong*

    My family, young and oldish, break these up to make them last longer. 1 Tablet is equivalent to 16 oranges, so I quarter them for my children and half them for the "oldish" people :)
    If one of us was to get sick then we would take the recommended amount.



#3 Vita-C- the whole family eats these yummy chewables.
Your body is capable of many things, but it can’t make vitamin C. Available in Sustained Release and Chewable formulas, Vitamin C has been shown to supports immune health and help maintain natural antioxidant defenses and cell integrity*.
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps support theimmune system and protect against damaging free radicals.

These tasty chewables make it easy for all or us to get our vitamin C.



#4 Icredivites- for your little superheros

• Provides calcium and vitamin D which are crucial bone-building nutrients
• Supports healthy immune system in kids*
Incredivites is formulated with a comprehensive assortment of 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving features 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and E, which play crucial roles in supporting immune function and more. There are no added artificial sweeteners or preservatives and it’s naturally sweetened with xylitol, which does not promote tooth decay.
No artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives.

    My kids beg for their vitamins every morning!


    (Also find Shakleekids Ocean Wonders HERE and Mighty Smart Choice HERE)

    If you'd like info on a regimen that is great for children with ADD/ADHD or SPD message me for details!

    #5 Protein-
    this one we can not live without.....
    With Shaklee there are many different protein options. Vitalizing Protein is the newest Check it out......
    This great-tasting protein can be used as part of a healthy meal or an on-the-go snack to help keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day.

    • 23g of highly concentrated protein†
    • Red raspberry seed extract for antioxidant support
    • Omega-3 support from flax
    • Contains leucine to help preserve lean muscle
    • Non-GMO soy protein
    • Low glycemic
    • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added
    • Gluten-free, lactose free
    Everyone in my family loves a protein smoothie. My kids actually think it's a milkshake....shhhhh.
    Shaklee's protein smoothee mix taste so great you won't go back to the drugstore brands. Not only does it taste better, but it is better for you. Made with organic, all natural, non-GMO ingredients and you can taste the difference....I promise :)


    Other Protein Options

    #6 Get Clean Water- what you drink is just as important as what you eat.

    Get Clean® Water is a revolutionary new water filtration pitcher system certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce up to 99% of lead 1 —as well as dozens of other nasty contaminants that can turn up in your water and may be harmful to your health.
    Cleaner, healthier water and a cleaner, healthier planet?
                                                          We can all drink to that!
                                                           ORDER HERE

    Watch a video....


    #7 Enfuselle- the best thing I have done for my skin!
    One simple regimen with all the essential antioxidants and nutrients your skin craves. Each step is formulated to do its part to nourish your skin. But it's the steps combined that will give you skin so radiant, you won't believe your mirror.
    In 28 short days, and just three minutes of Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy morning and night, you’ll notice your skin looking younger – guaranteed.  Clinical studies confirmed:
    • 665% increase in skin firmness
    • 421% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
    • 88% reduction in the appearance of fine lines

I have been using this system since July and it is the nicest thing I could have ever done for my face. I feel more confident in the mirror and I actually wear less makeup. YaY! This one kit has lasted 4 months so far and I am only half way through some of the products and only a quarter used of the others. My favorite is the C+E Repair P.M. silky, soft skin that makes you giddy!

Watch a video!


#8 Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream- amazing for everything!

Cooling, refreshing mentholated formula invigorates and soothes and it smooths rough skin.
Cooling mentholated formula is enriched with natural extracts, including rosemary, chamomile, corn oil, and salvia to nourish stressed skin.  This nongreasy formula leaves skin soft and refreshed. Perfect for soothing dry, chapped and rough skin including callouses on knees, elbows and feet.

My daughter (8) has always had skin issues in the winter time. Her hands were both bright red and rough one morning. I told her that I would help her rub some Herbal Cream on them as soon as I put baby boy down for his nap. When I returned about 20 minutes later, I asked her to let me take a picture of her red hands.....they were no longer red!? I asked her what she did. She responded, "I used Basic H2 on my hands." WOW! She's so smart ;) We treated them with the Herbal Cream and her hands are much better.

#9 Hand Wash- smells and feels amazing!
This super mild, sudsy wash makes it so nice to do as you've always been told - go wash your hands.  It has wheat germ oil and algae extract to moisturize; soy protein to condition; aloe, marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), and linden flower (Tilia cordata) extracts to soothe; and rosemary and arnica extracts to energize. So now it's more like, "Go take your hands to the spa."

I absolutely love this hand wash! It has lasted our family of 7 several months already and there is still a lot left. I HAVE to smell my hands every time I wash them. Love it! I even washed my hair with this stuff and I couldn't keep my hands away from my hair!!! So super, silky soft!


#10 Basic H2- THIS is what started it all. I was hooked on Get Clean after buying this amazing cleaner that has over 1000 uses.......behold the "gateway" product ;)

This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner. We challenge you to use it up any time soon to clean everything from spilled milk, to bug guts on the window, to splattered spaghetti sauce. Now go, get cleaning.

No amount of coupon clipping or sale shopping could get you a deal like this! AND on top of that none could be as safe....


So, those are a few of my favorites....maybe next time I can give you my top 20 :) I truly love all of Shaklee's product lines and haven't found anything that did not work or that I did not love.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay healthy!!!

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