March 16, 2015

{Babies and Eczema....How I treat my baby's skin}

As a mom, when my baby develop eczema, I felt guilt for his discomfort. I felt like a bad mom. I felt like I didn't protect him like I was supposed to.....

But truth is, it wasn't my fault. His body was reacting differently than my first 4 children and I wasn't sure why.

I began searching for reasons why a baby gets eczema and I started looking at natural remedies.

One of the first things I did was eliminate all grains from baby's diet.

WOW! Talk about huge improvement!

But he still had small patches that itched like crazy....

I heard so many great testimonies about moms using Shaklee's Herbal Blend Multipurpose Cream for eczema and *Basic H2 for bathing baby. They were all using probiotics for baby as well.

So I started doing the same for him and we are maintaining healthy skin. The baths and cream give him relief. The probiotics aid in his digestive system.

I made the switch to Shaklee's Laundry to rid our clothes, sheets and towels of chemicals and toxins and this made a huge improvement in his skin.

We went on vacation and guess what I forgot to take? Laundry concentrate!!! I had to buy "natural laundry detergent" for the store. My baby was red and swollen from the chemicals. It wasn't until we arrived back home that he cleared up.

He is a much happier boy since making these changes and I feel so much better as a mom :)

Get eczema relief here!
Or talk to your Shaklee distributor :)

*Shaklee does not list skin care under Basic H2 uses, but many moms have seen the benefits of using this product for the mentioned reasons.

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