March 18, 2015

{Mama NEEDS Sleep & How to Help Baby Sleep}

The sight of a sleeping baby is priceless....but so is sleep!!!! Right Mama!?

Last December I did what I always do when my babies get to be old enough to sleep through the night without the "need" to nurse....(There is a point that baby wakes to get a snack not because he is hungry, but because... he wants a snack or he wants to make you a pacifier. Hear me!?) I "sleep trained" my lil guy!

It was fairly easy and he did great! We were able to lay him down while still awake and he would lay his sweet head down and go straight to sleep.....and he would sleep ALL night.

THEN...then the story changes. He wakes up 6 or 8 times EVERY night...I wouldn't pick him up, but the fact that he was waking up and crying a little was wearing me out!

I WAS EXHAUSTED!!! Know what I mean!?
I felt like I had not slept in months! You too!?

I read some other mama's testimonies about how they got their children to sleep and thought I'd give it a try....

I tried it thing at a time, but it still wasn't working!

So, I decided to try several things together and here is what helped me and baby get the sleep we both need....

First of all...
For Mama:

Baby will benefit from the above if you are nursing.
For baby whether nursing or bottle feeding....

For Baby:

Here's what I do! For breastfeeding I take:
2 B Complex and 10 alfalfa tablets throughout the morning.

I drink 1 energizing protein shake to keep me charged through the busy day.

Before bed I take 5 more Alfalfa and 4 OsteoMatrix (I had terrible insomnia while pregnant and this stuff knocked it out!)

At bedtime every night I rub him down with Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion after a nice bath.
It is so good for baby to get a gentle massage with this organic, moisturizing, lovely lavender and chamomile goodness. :)

Then I crush 1 tablet of a CalMag Plus tablet and put it in a bottle that I make with Shaklee's
Meal Shake.

Once he has finished his bottle I lay him down and he goes straight to sleep.....and sleeps all night!!!

UPDATE: He has been sleeping 10-12 hours at night plus taking 2 good naps each day, when before he was cat napping and waking up every hour during the night.

This is what worked for me and I hope to help some mama who is in need of some serious Zzzzzzs!

Links attached above. Click on the links for more info.

Other products that are amazing for Stress and Sleep...

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