December 1, 2008

I took some Senior pictures for my sister-in-law (Brittany) on last Saturday. We had a blast. I also took a few of Joshua's brother & his wife and children. Anyways....Here are some of the pics....
Joshua, Brittany and Kevin
Kevin(Joshua's brother), Laura, Kendall and Caden
Brittany in her awesome hat!

Absolutely Beautiful!!!


  1. Hey you take awesome pictures!! You go girl!!=) Your sis-in-law is very pretty. Josh still looks the exact same.=) We need some more pictures of you on here!=)

  2. I'm the one with the camera! Josh doesn't take pics, so I'm not in any of them.

  3. Beautiful! Nice job Christy! When I read your comment on my blog I was having a hard time trying to figure out who Sykester was?? LOL Miss you!!!

  4. You and Josh have some beautiful babies. I miss ya'll a bunch. Hey what happened to little Brittany? Girls all growed up!!! Keep up the good work. I prey for ya'll often.


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