March 7, 2009

More Colorado Rockies

Oh, it is so beautiful out here. We are in Colorado right now. We traveled through the Rocky Mountains and it is just literally breath taking! The altitude is so high that my chest is hurting and I can't breathe. It began snowing this evening, so we might play in it tomorrow. 

Elijah loves snow so much that he squeals and he SAID "snow". He has all of a sudden began talking and I am just so proud of him. He said, "doggy", "cookie", "hi dog", "sip", "uh-oh", "shoe", "side"(outside) and he barks every time he sees a dog! He is so funny, because he will be talking with his pacifier in his mouth and I'll tell him to take out his "pa-pap" so I can understand what he wants and he listens.

We were in Missouri and Kansas last week. It is so flat out there that you can see your dog running for 2 weeks! hee heee! But it is pretty. They have ginormous windmills everywhere. We had a pretty good snow there, too. We have seen so many new things that we've only seen on movies before like antelope, prairie dogs, mule deer, elk, tumble weeds, big horn sheep, buffalo, and crazy interstates with traffics lights!!!

Jesse and Chloe have done really good and they are finally understanding that we are going to be moving. Jesse is asking lots of questions.
Anyways, we miss you all! Here are pictures of the Rocky Mountains.

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  1. Gorgeous! Sounds really great! Hope you have loads of fun and a safe trip! May God have his hand upon you all! Love you!


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