May 20, 2012

{Fried Cheesecake}

cheesecake 009
I’ve had several request for “Fried Cheesecake” recipe, so…………..
ALL you have to do is:
Mix softened cream cheese and powder sugar (enough to taste) together.
Spoon about 1/4- 1/3 cup mixture onto flour tortilla (I use Don Julio, because they are super soft and don’t break when I roll then up) and roll them up, tucking the sides to seal the cream cheese.
Fry in hot oil for just a few minutes, place on paper towel, lightly sprinkle with cinnamon sugar while hot, place cheesecake in a big bowl, drizzle with a little honey, spoon some vanilla ice cream on top, plop some cool whip or whipped topping on top of that, squirt with some chocolate syrup, place a cherry at the tip top, and if you want some real fun………SPRINKLES!!!!
Enjoy you “life changing” dessert!

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