June 4, 2012

{Rag Quilt}

This a fun and easy project to do with little girls. The quilt is made up of squares sandwiched (front, back, and filler) together and quilted with an X on each square using a machine. Then pieced together with raw edges visible and clipped to fray all blocks for a very cute finish.
rag quilts 011-001
I started out by cutting each square 6 1/2” each…..rag quilts 001

Why, Yes! I am wearing a Cars Band-Aid! The rotary cutters are VERY sharp! Be extra careful!rag quilts 002

She’s such the helper…rag quilts 003

Sandwich the back, batting, and front, then pin in place…rag quilts 008

Sew an X across the square…rag quilts 004

Yep….each and every square….rag quilts 009

Once you’ve quilted them all……rag quilts 001

You can arrange them however you want….I hate patterns (thanks OCD), so I just mixed them up :)
rag quilts 002

I was short one, so I pieced a square together….rag quilts 003

You are going to sew them with backs together, so that the raw edges are visible…rag quilts 004

Once you’ve put it together you clip the raw edges to give it a frayed look and you get a lovely quilt like this……
rag quilts 011

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  1. I would love to make one of these! Maybe one day I will get the courage! I am not a big sewer, but I would really love one of these for my bed! You did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing!


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