May 1, 2013

{Emma's One Year Sneak Peek}

 Our little girl has grown so much and is acting so grown up. It's strange to think of her as a toddler and not a baby. She walks really well now and tries to run. She loves climbing stairs, outside, our cat boo, her paci, nap time, fruit, yogurt, water bottles....she has her own little schedule going. She likes to take her naps at the same times everyday and she tells me when she is ready for bed. Her b-o-t-t-l-e is gone and she hasn't even missed it. She still does not care for sippy cups and I've tried them all! She drinks water from MY water bottle all day. She can drink small amounts from a tumbler and feed herself with a spoon or fork. She isn't talking much. She says "mama", "dadda", "hi", "this", and "uhh" for everything else :) She grabs her brothers phonics cards and says the sound for "t". She bows her head and closes her eyes for family prayer. She and "kitty" (Boo) are best buds and they play together all day. She makes us laugh everyday and she is such a joy to us all. 

Could not get rid of that paci, but caught a few shots and we're looking for more warm weather to take a few more.

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