August 31, 2011

{Camping Once Again}

We haven’t been camping at all this year and this was our last chance before it gets too cold. We went to Mackay and camped at Big Lost River. Our camp site was right on the river, under shade trees and right next to the potty Smile  We had so much fun the last two days. They had no showers so we heated soapy water on the camp stove and took turns washing up. The ground was so dusty that 2 sets of clothes was not enough for each of us, so Chloe and I washed clothes with the river water and some dish soap and hung them in the bushes to dry. It was a very primitive camp site. No picnic table and we forgot our camp chairs! So we pulled one of the seats out of the truck and we found some ginormous logs to sit on and cook on. It was colder than we thought it would be that first night and I didn’t sleep at all! I frozen until 5 am then Josh let me have his huge sleeping bag. I was up all night bundling 3 little kids who slept fine. They didn’t notice how cold it was until they woke up. We found a thrift store and bought an extra blanket for the next nightSmile The dogs were in heaven. They loved the river so much, they swam all day on the second day. The kids found all sorts of things to do. They each used their imaginations in different ways.

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