October 27, 2012

{Computer Cabinet turned Baby Closet}

We live in a house that was built in 1923 and it’s been remodeled, but there is very little closet space! So….I took a computer cabinet that we no longer needed for a computer and moved it to Emma’s Room. I bought an adjustable shower curtain rod and some dollar store buckets…..Then I needed somewhere to put her hair bows and bands! There happened to be a slide out keyboard desk in the cabinet and I finally figured out what to do with that space. Take a look!
Scotch Adhesive Tape….my new best friend! :)Emma 6and7mos 017
Cheap baskets from Wal-Mart…Emma 6and7mos 018
Emma 6and7mos 019
Now…her bows are neatly put away and I am one happy mama!Emma 6and7mos 020

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