July 6, 2011

{Good Reads Update}

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Most of you already know, but I figure I’ll blog about it anyway :) We went to
see our OB while we were in NC and now a month and a half later we are
so very excited to tell you Baby #4 is on it’s way! The kids are eager to be
getting another brother or sister. Chloe sits beside me and snuggles against
me while asking questions like, “how many more days?”, “is it a boy or girl?”,
“where is it going to sleep?”…..Elijah has already picked names! If it is a boy
he says it will be Thomas Spiderman. If it is a girl it will be Mya Emily.
                                            He is so cute :)
So far I’ve not been sick! Just a little tired and weak. We are looking forward
to meeting this little one. Please pray for a healthy baby and safe delivery.
                                   We love and miss you all.


  1. Congratulations! Will pray for you and baby! :)

  2. Congrats from the Gordons! That is so exciting! And extra congrats on not being sick so far. Hope it stays that way. We'll be praying for you and baby. When are you due?


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