July 6, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jesse

Jesse's Bday Kodak 002
We had a very crazy schedule last week! We had Vacation Bible School every
morning 9am-12pm, we had a missionary to Thailand stay with us Wednesday
night, a funeral Friday afternoon and we attended a tent revival each evening.
SO…busy as we were, we didn’t have a party for Jesse on his birthday, but he
did open his presents from us on the morning of his birthday. On July 4th we took
him to TOYS R US to spend his Birthday Money from family. Then we took him,
and some very good friends, out to TEXAS ROADHOUSE (Jesse’s favorite
restaurant). They put him on a saddle and got the attention of everyone in the
Roadhouse to say Happy Birthday and Jesse let out the BIGGEST YEEHAW ever.
It was hilarious! I couldn’t quit laughing:) I wish I had it on video. THEN, wVBS Jesse Bday 003e went out
on the reservation and shot
lots of fireworks. We had a
blast! Forgot my camera :(
No pics of the fireworks!
<---This is what he bought from
PS2 Cars Game

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