August 14, 2012

{4 Little Ducks}

one blowing raspberries, one looking poorly, one shouting commands and one swimming his heart out---The last few days have been interesting!


Summer fun 035

Emma is growing so fast! Doing new things everyday. She can grab anything and everything and put it in her mouth. She loves to play on her belly. I bought her one of those mats with the play gym and she manages to get off of it as soon as I walk out of the room. You know what that means! I have got to put up gates VERY soon, so she doesn’t go bouncing down or climbing up the stairs. We are outside right now and she’s sitting here beside me blowing raspberries. Oh, wait---now she’s fussing Smile 



Summer fun 036


Chloe has been very sick since last Thursday. It all started with a headache. Friday-a headache and stomach ache. Saturday- she woke up with a fever, so I took her to her Pediatrician and she suspected UTI since Chloe has been in twice in the past year for the same thing. We did a UA and it came back positive. She is now on antibiotics---well---we are fighting to get antibiotics in her! She HATES liquid medicine and she cried at the pharmacy when we picked it up. She spit every bit of 2 doses out the first day, so I called and requested pills to see if she could swallow them. She swallowed the first one fine---but now she’s leaving the pill in her mouth too long and it falls apart and she screams, because she can taste it. I tried dissolving a pill in a little water and mixing it in a Danimals drinkable yogurt, then “sealing it back up and placing it in the fridge Winking smile For breakfast I asked the kids, “who wants yogurt?” Everyone raised their hands. Chloe took one sip and began crying, “it taste just like my medicine!” Ppppppppphhhhu! This girl will not take her medicine! Day 4 and she is still running a fever, she can’t get up off the couch without feeling like she is going to vomit, and she just looks pitiful! Last night she felt well enough to sit at the kitchen table and color. I made chicken and dumplings and I fixed Chloe a plate. I turned to ask if she could eat and she wasn’t there! But she was---

Summer fun 032

asleep under the table on two chairs---poor thing! She slept there for 2 hours.



Summer fun 040

This is Elijah’s favorite spot in the pool---extra precautious!

Elijah is a sweet boy, but he can hand out orders to his brother and sister and Oh My! don’t make him mad! He has got a temper! I have to constantly remind him to calm down and lower his voice.

Today Elijah read a book in school and he read all his “Special Exhibit” words (sight words) very well. The light bulb has finally come on.

He’s always smiling and cuttin’ up!



Summer fun 045


Jesse is 8 years old now! He has learned how to swim! He is very proud and he loves to show off. He enjoys going in the pool everyday.

We started back to school early this year, because we fell behind last year. Hoping to finish on time this year so we can take a longer break next summer. Jesse was very excited to start school again. His favorite subject is Math. He read the last chapter of Peter Pan yesterday and started Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Finishing up Saxon 3 and moving on to 5/4 Teaching DVDs. We (Jesse, Chloe and I) are studying Judges-Kings, Ancient Greece and Rome, Latin and Grammar together.


Well---Emma fell asleep in her swing and the rest of the gang (actually just the guys) are playing Roller Ball and Chloe looks like she is going to take a nap in the grass! Smile 

I better get off here and go cook some supper before baby girl wakes up!

Thanks for visiting with me!


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