July 27, 2013

{Elijah's First Hair Cut}

He's 5 and he's definitely had his hair cut, but never has he cut his own hair. Something I never foresaw him doing...EVER! I could totally see my 8 year old daughter doing something like this, but not quiet, easy going Eli! But he did.....and here's the story.....

Saturday morning. Eating breakfast and watching cartoons before heading outside to clean up the back yard. Jesse had already finished breakfast and started cleaning out the dog kennel and Chloe was getting ready to pick up around the swing set. Elijah's job assignment was to clean out the sandbox....as soon as he was done eating. "Elijah. Elijah. Are you done ea.........Oh! Elijah! You've never done that before! How did that happen?" I asked. Elijah, not really knowing exactly what he had truly done, just starred at me. "You have a big bald spot on your head!" "I do?" he said in a very concerned little voice. "Let me take a picture so you can see" I said half way smiling. Once he saw himself on the camera screen, he hung his head and began crying. He was pitiful! "I want my hair to grow back!" he said with great big crocodile tears. "It will buddy. It will only take a couple of weeks, but mommy is going to have to cut your hair so it is all even." He started to cry louder, "I don't want to be bald!" Chloe walks in the room, "What happened?!" Josh enters into the room, "What happened?!" With Elijah in my lap, I hid behind Elijah's head trying not to laugh and told them, "He decided he needed a hair cut." Chloe felt sorry for him and ran to grab a hat. Josh took him and showed him pictures of Marines online hoping Elijah would be okay with a shaved head. He still wasn't comfortable with the idea. I got out the clippers, pulled out the chair and placed a box on the chair for him to sit on. He stood there and then asked, "Can I just wait for my hair to grow back?" "No, Elijah. I think it would look way better if we cut it" "But could I just wear a hat til it grows back?" he continued to try to keep his hair. I finally convinced him that a hair cut was best. His daddy made a big deal out of how tough he now looks and how he looks like he could beat someone up. It didn't take long for Elijah to kinda like the new look. Jesse decided that he would shave his head to make Eli feel better. Jesse whispered, "Not as short as Eli's though, okay mom?" And of course Chloe had to have a hair cut as well.

Have your kids ever cut their hair?

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