August 2, 2013

{Beauty Haul}

So....I have been forever drooling over some products that I thought would be exciting to use. I finally said to myself, "Self, you need this. It's been a long time since you have bought makeup and your tools aren't the best. You could pamper yourself with some new face wash. Highlighters and primers would be fun too!" And guess what happened? I first bought the Naked 2 palette and at checkout I never saw where my bank account was mentioned. I logged into my account and found out I had credit on my account! Hallelujah! So what did I do? I shopped some more...until all the credit was gone. I spent a grand total of $17 after my credits were used. I am one happy girl right now. Can't wait to try each and everyone of these things out.
1. Ecotools Bamboo 4Pcs Makeup Brushes
2. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow
3. Foundation Brush
4. Bronzer/Blush Brush
5. Concealer brush
6. Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
7. Benefit High Beam Illuminater
8. Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer

What is your favorite beauty product?

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