June 29, 2015

{I'm Not Tired!}

My kids have all said the hilarious words, "I'm not tired!"

....and they ALLLLLL end up crashing moments after they utter those words.

They don't want to be tired, they don't want to take time to nap, they don't want to miss out on anything.....

and they start showing signs of exhaustion. They get cranky. They get mean. They get whiny!!!

Mama, are you tired?

Do you take time to rest and reset?

Don't forget to take a timeout or a nap here and there... not only for you, but for your family!

Don't feel guilty either.

Your job is SO important and SO big!!!

You can not work efficiently if your batteries are dead.

We need rest too.

Recharge Mama. You deserve it!

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