August 30, 2013

{Not Just a mom is 5 Years Old}

Can you believe I've been blogging 5 years!? I can't! I looked at my first few post and my kids we babies! Here is the photo from my {First day of Blogging}

Elijah was 8 months old. Chloe was 2 and Jesse was 4. I miss those days. {sigh} goes on and we must enjoy it while it is here.

A lot has happened over the last 5 years. We've had a number of adventures and made many memories. Here are the major events in the life of the Sykesters......

*August 2009 we moved to Utah. 

*June 2010 we moved to Idaho (I have no pictures of that move because I was so sick with a kidney infection)

*March 2012 we had baby #4  {Emma's Birth}


And here we are now....

Looking back on the past 5 years makes me wonder....did I give it my best? Did I live my life to the fullest? Did I make great memories for my kids? What can I do today to make a difference for tomorrow? 

As a mother....What will my kids remember about me? What will come to their minds about mom 10 years from now? Will they remember the good things about me? or will they remember how tired, grouchy, aggravated mom was? Did I choose my words carefully? Did I train them in the way they should go? Am I an example of joy and peace?

What will you do today to make these years precious for your children?

What has happened in your life the past 5 years?

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