September 12, 2013

{Rest and Change Up & Expecting Baby #5}

We just started our new school year September 10th and have had 2 very good days and 1 not so good day. Those "not so good days" have to just dissolve and we have to rest so we can make up for them the next day. My 9 year old HATES to write (I loved writing at his age) and isn't very strong with comprehension (he gets that from me). So, when it came time to answer questions for his literature reading for the day, he all of a sudden got very "sleepy" and couldn't answer any of the questions. After re-reading the chapter and not being able to answer any of the questions still....we had to call it a day.

He got up early this morning, because he knew he had to make up for what was not completed the day before. I assigned his unfinished work first thing and he amazingly answered ALL of the questions!


Rest. Just as my boy had to "come apart", sometimes we as mamas have to give it a break and come back to whatever it is that feel we can't accomplish and once we have rested it seems to be so much easier to tackle. We need to make sure that our little ones have a time of rest too.

Relocate. Sometimes a change of "scenery" helps as well. My kids like to curl up in the recliner in my bedroom with their Literature book and it makes it a little more special and fun. Folding laundry in the laundry room can get a little tiring, so I like to dump it all on the couch (and include all the kids) and turn on one of our favorite shows and we are done in a flash. Some times we load all of our books up and go to the library to do school. Instead of having a traditional lunch for your children, make a "picnic" and eat on a blanket in the living room. Your kids will never forget it.

Reschedule. Change up your routine a little. I like to assign my kid's subjects in a different order everyday and they love running up to the school room to find out which subjects are first and which "special" assignments are planned for the day. The way I do this is by having "Task Cards" for each one of them. READ MORE HERE. Instead of doing the same thing everyday, try to have different tasks each day and do differently the things that you have to do everyday to keep things a little more interesting. Clean Mama has some great Monthly Cleaning Calendars and Fall Cleaning Checklist to give you some ideas on rotating chores.

BABY # 5 

On September 1st we found out that baby #5 was on their way! It will be interesting to see if the pattern continues (boy, girl, boy, girl...?) We have been truly blessed with a house full of little Sykes. And to be sure that this one gets a healthy start I have ordered my prenatal vitamins.....
My Daily Dose:

2 tablets of Vita-Lea with Iron

2 tablets of B complex for the basic prenatal nutrients, in particular folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects.

2-4 tablets of OsteoMatrix can help meet needs for calcium, vitamin D and other bone health nutrients. Also helps with insomnia!!!!!

3 softgel capsules of OmegaGuard per day are recommended to support fetal brain development.(ie. DHA) 

1 tablet of Iron plus C can be added providing an additional 18 mg of Iron and 60 mg of Vitamin C.

Watch this video to see Shaklee vitamins vs other vitamins 

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